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green manifesto
a new world requires a new way of looking at our problems. with the intention of making the island and world a healthy and safe place to live, we present the green manifesto for an environmental and energetic approach to transforming our problems into solutions.  through the lens of the chakras, let’s take a look at how we can transform our environment into a thriving system for everyone. 
let’s begin by connecting ourselves with our mother. in Andean culture, Pachamama is the spirit of the earth, or the great mother. grounding ourselves to her is the first step in invigorating the flow of energy she provides. when we are grounded, we feel at home, we find family and community, and we are able to better connect with our physical bodies. simply feeling the dirt between your toes is a grounding experience. on a grand scale, modern society has lost this root connection—we take endless drugs to silence the cries of pain of our physical bodies, without stopping to think why we might be hurting. our bodies have become disconnected from the body of the earth—do you know where your food comes from? do you know your farmer? do you know the soil consistency, the flowers and bugs from the land where your food was grown? reconnecting with nature and our bodies cultivates a strong root that can send shoots deep into the universe, creating a strong base from which we can look to the sun and grow.
once connected with nature, she becomes the source of our creative energy to design a cradle to cradle system that eliminates waste. instead of growth as destructive, such as a sprawling suburb, growth becomes beautiful, like the expansion of a forest or the blooming of a tree. our sacral or navel chakra is the source of our creative energy—how can we create a system where waste equals food? where beauty is a given? where our emotions dictate how we live? 
moving up the energetic ladder, we go from the physical (the earth, the flesh) to the spiritual. the solar plexus is the bridge that connects these worlds: our relationship with ourselves. how do we align our intentions with our actions? how do we digest things-physically, our food, our waste as a society; and mentally-our experiences and the consequences of our actions? how do we honor ourselves while empowering ourselves to do what we know is right? in order for ourselves to grow, we need to learn to be comfortable with ourselves, making changes as we discover things about ourselves that are not aligned with our truth. by changing ourselves, we ripple out positive change into the world around us. 
what do you love? listen to your heart and let it give you strength. honoring our divine love is crucial for creating a better world, not based on greed, money, or selfish personal interests. let your heart forgive-the past has already happened. fill it with compassion, with hope, and with trust. these intentions will create a world where everyone can live together, thriving. we must learn to listen to our hearts, to fill them with love. 
with our root feeding our creative energy center, our truth filling our hearts with love, we can express ourselves effectively to create harmony. the strength of our will can overcome any obstacle, allowing us to follow our dreams, filling our lives with abundance. how do we choose to express our creative energy? do we make art with trash, expressing our soul, creating beauty, and transforming trash with positive energy? how do we communicate with each other to form deep connections? how is our energetic vibration affecting the world around us?
where do you see possibilities? where are you being called to help? who is calling you? we seek only the truth. once the kundalini energy flows freely in our bodies and in our earth, the light will guide us, keeping us open and feeling adequate. our dreaming visions for the world can manifest in our reality. 
now is the time. be present in the moment, consciously creating your reality. are you following practically, or do you have the courage to follow divine inspiration? let us be here, now, creating the new world, together. 

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